More on looming cuts to Kansas H.S. Journalism programs

All right, here’s editorial from the Kansas City Star about the looming budget cuts for the Kansas H.S. Journalism programs.

I’ve also listed e-mail addresses for the senator and representative from the BVHS area.

Senate Republican Jeff Colyer:

House Republican Ray Merrick:

Jean Schodorf is the chairman of the education committee:

Let’s remind these folks how important journalism is to democracy and communities, as well as the other skills that are formed from journalism classes including social skills, communication, etc.

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The Latest

I failed miserably at keeping this blog updated, so I’ve moved all the older posts to the trash and we’ll see where this goes.

I have quite a few projects in the works, mainly finding a job but also some other good stuff.

I’m part of a collaborative journalism course with Kerry Northrup at WKU. We are working to create an online video channel called This type of project is way out of my comfort zone from my typical print background, but it has been a lot of fun to be a part of. There are three of us on the team. I am in charge of most of the editorial control, while another team member oversees web design and the other oversees audience generation. The challenge is to work together to create a site where it all works together really well.

Homecoming is less than a month away at WKU and as web editor for the Herald we are working to do some unique stuff for the web in terms of coverage.


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